Mobilization in Investment and Production Yearly

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Chairman İbrahim Çağlar stated that Turkey is a growing and docking reality, and that 2017 will be a year of mobilization in every field, such as investment, production, export and tourism.

Ibrahim Cağlar, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce in the 2017 business program and budget talks meeting, specifying goals and routes are specified, said they have to enlarge Turkey. Caglar stated that they will work for a sound economy without any excuse and without any excuse. “Even if the Fed increases interest rates, we will grow even if oil prices increase. Istanbul Chamber of Commerce is to find out how we will do this, “he said.


Commercial Diplomacy

Emphasizing that the basic philosophy of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce’s business program is to unite and grow,  İbrahim Çağlar noted that they put forward a map of the way to continue to work, to work without being pessimistic at all for a moment in a segmented.

İbrahim Çağlar stated that they have increased the number of fair organizations from 22 to 28 and that they have increased the number of member firms participating in these fairs by 35 percent compared to the previous year and they have already taken 25 fueri calendars for 2017, That they will continue their national participation organizations up to China and that they allocate 18 million TL in 2017 budget for these organizations.

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