Minister Özhaseki: Do not deal with artifacts, with bug bites, give priority to urban transformation

Mehmet Özhaseki, Minister of Environment and Urbanism, stated that 15 million risky buildings should be transformed within 15 years. "Many mayors are dealing with flower insects, arts, artists, cultural activities outside and do not make friends. Thank you for needing flowers, we need artificiality, we are on top of ourselves but our first job is urban transformation "


Minister of Environment and Urbanism Mehmet Özhaseki attended 'Urban Transformation Workshop' held in Manisa. Speaking at the workshop, Özhas said:

According to Ahmet Ünsal's report from Habertürk News Center, we do not know what civilization name we will give to these cities when we look at the cities. It is true that it is Arabesque civilization. In the largest cities a 100-storey skyscraper beside a shed, alongside the industry. We have read into our cities in an unconscious way. We have some unhealthy cities with little identity.


Many mayors out there do not do flower bugs, art, artists, cultural activities, friends. Thank you, we need flowers, we need artificial art, artists come all over us, but our first job is urban transformation. It may be a little safer to stay in the buildings built after 1999 but before some suspect, everyone will check the building.

Inside are the lives and commodities of our most loved ones. Their number is around 15 million. Half of them seem to be at risk. We need to set a target like this. Before 1999, all the risky buildings had to change and transform at once as our priority ministry. Can we do it in 15 years? Yes, we can. 500 thousand independent units per year. We have 200-250 of our power to do this in Istanbul and 300 in Anatolia.'


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