Mimar Sinan’s 435-year-Old Bath In Balat Was Sold Out

Ayakapi Hamam, built in Mimar Sinan Sultan Nurban Sultan in 1582, which is in Balata in Istanbul, put up for sale for 3 million euros.

In 1582, a hamam, built by the architect Sinan, was used as a bath until the end of the 1930s. Throughout the history of the building's existence, the owners and specialization of the building have changed. So, when the area of the city in which the hamam is located was declared an industrial zone in 1936, the traders began using it as a timber warehouse. Since 1947 the building passes from hand to hand as a warehouse for logging. Later the hamam was given to the local Jewish community for use. There were held religious rites and ablutions.


Today one of the important works of the architect Mimar Sinan Ayakapi Hamam was put up for sale. Recall that for the first time the sale attempt was realized in 2001, and then in 2012. But the price and "legal requirements" did not suit the buyers.

According to information on the page of Ada Emlak, which sells real estate, the historical hamam is sold for a total of 3 million euros. Total area of Historic Ayakapi Hamam is about 550 square meters, put up for sale.

Among the main difficulties in the announcement of the sale indicated that each project that is planned to perform requires approval from the municipal institution due to the fact that the Hamam is a historic building. The historical heritage of the building must be protected.

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