Middle Income Earners Win A Lot From Buying Housing From Pendik And Tuzla Provinces!

The regions where the middle income group has earned the most …

Pendik and Tuzla districts among the regions where sales traffic is rising rapidly became the regions that earned most of the narrow and middle income in Istanbul Anatolian side.

Pendik and Tuzla provinces, which are the cities where the construction companies are still producing houses at reasonable prices and earning the most for their investors, promise high premiums for the investors.


Pendik and Tuzla Provinces

Stating that the narrow and moderate income will gain a lot from the housing investment they will make in Pendik and Tuzla over the next 5 years, Project Idea Anatolian Collar Real Estate Expert Erdi Elkılıç continued his words;

"When we look at housing sales in June and first-half housing sales performance in the year, the residential sales performance of the Pendik and Tuzla districts is in the top 5 in the Anatolian Side. Urbanization outward from the central districts, and indirectly for the price level, Pendik and later Tuzla, reaches rates that would appeal to middle income. When we consider the intensity of construction in the region and the interest of the contractor, it is obvious that Pendik and Tuzla will provide more net profit in the coming years than the central provinces. "


Istanbul counties sales figures for June

97,579 houses were sold in Turkey in June. Istanbul ranked first in the order of sales of houses sold in the first place. It was the first with 17,970 houses in Istanbul, the second with 10,160 sales in Ankara and the third with 6,034 in Izmir.

In the districts of Istanbul, Esenyurt once again resumed its sales with 3,067 residential properties. Beykoz was the district that sold at least housing with 19 sales.


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