Middle Eastern, Accelerated  Turkey’s Property Market

Stagnant real estate market in Turkey is watching. On the contrary, foreign investors continue to buy houses in our country. People from many countries are buying houses in Istanbul and various other countries. Europeans were competing with each other to get housing from Turkey 10 years ago, it is now moving a little different situation. The Europeans are not homes.


Many Country House Receives Human Turkey

Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia and from Kuwait aims to buy a new home in Turkey. The rates of houses sold with foreigners are increasing day by day. The majority of Europeans are selling their houses there. Middle Easterners fill the place of Europeans. Middle Easterners are fighting with each other to get home from Turkey. It was buying a European house ten years ago. Citizens of Ireland, England, Holland, Germany were buying real estate, especially in tourist areas. In recent years, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iranian citizens have begun purchases.

TSI Data

Turkish Statistical Institute explained the data. According to the statement of 3 thousand 800 houses he bought from Turkey in the past year the citizens of Iraq. Iraq was followed by Saudi Arabia with 3,345 houses. After Saudi Arabia, there were 1690 houses with Kuwait and 1331 houses with Russian Federation. Finally, there were households from the people of Afghanistan. The number of these was 78 houses. With 78, Afghanistan took the last place. Apart from these countries, many different countries bought houses. The eyes of foreign investors in Turkey. In addition to home buyers, there are companies engaged in housing projects. Turkey continues to attract the interest of foreigners in the real estate sector.

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