Lost Tourism In Overseas Contracting Income Has Found 2 Layers

The main income sources of the Republic of Turkey are gathered in three main classes. These three main classes are tourism housing construction projects and industrial productions. In recent years there has been a great terrorist problem on the world. Republic of Turkey is one of the democratic countries that survive in the center of this war environment with its geographical and ethnic structure and offer safe living opportunities. However, the negative developments that have taken place in recent years have been going through quite a difficult period with the problems with Turkey’s exported countries.

Tourism, which is one of the main sources of income of Turkey, had reached the end of the year with the full sense of what we left behind. Because problems in neighboring countries and bombs have reduced the entry of tourists into the country, and Russian tourists, the biggest people of Turkish tourism, have decided not to get a chance. Because of the charter ban imposed by the Russian during the troubled period, tourism has come to a halt. In addition, Russia, which is the biggest market in the construction sector, applied the similar application within Turkish construction companies and took the Turkish revenue portal with full suspension. The loss totaled $ 20 billion. The damage in tourism was at the level of 10 billion dollars. Russian-Turkish relations, who have entered a recovery period with the new year, have reached a promising level for 2017. But it will take 1-2 years to return to its original state.

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