Limit On Rent İncrease

18 million people live in rental houses in Turkey. The lease goes the greatest. Therefore, the annual increases are also important. According to the law, how much rent can the landlord make?
The Debt Law states that the rent increase will not exceed the UFE of the previous year. However, in a decision of the Supreme Court 6th Civil Law Office, it was ruled that the increase could be made according to the average of the last 12 months of the UFE. According to precedent; New leaseholds or those who will be leaving will look to the UFE for the last 12 months. As of April this figure is 6.9 percent. So the landlord can make a maximum of 1069 pounds for a rent of 1000 pounds.


Consumer Law Institute President Hakan Tokbas notes that the provisions of the Code of Obligations are imperative even if it is written on a lease contract. Hakan Tokbaş, “So if you write a higher rate to the contract is invalid. If the tenant is incompatible with the landlord, he or she should add the difference to the rent as much as the increase in the last one year of the UFE. Thus, the landlord said, ‘Incomplete rents’ and can not terminate the lease agreement and initiate legal proceedings.
The application of the rent increase law in the Debt Act has been postponed to 2020 for businesses. In this case, the property owner and the tenant trades or company will agree on a lease increase rate.

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