Kadikoy Uzuncayir IETT Peron Area Opened To Service

The Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul has been serving the Uzuncayir Peron Area due to the arrangements to be made in Kadikoy Square.

According to the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, the Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department made by the teams of Long Term IETT Peron Area entered service.

Some of the IETT buses and minibuses planned to be removed from here as part of the square arrangement work to be done in Kadikoy Square will serve in the Uzuncayir Peron Area after that.


The new platform area adjacent to Uzuncayir Metro Station and Uzuncayir Metrobus Station provided metro and metrobus integration of public transportation vehicles such as IETT buses and minibuses.

While approximately 12 thousand square meters of park area can park 24 cars at the same time, 15 closed stalls were placed and ready to use the platform area. The long-haul platform area where only the line-head vehicles are received serves about 18 thousand passengers daily.

A modern building, which can be opened and closed according to weather conditions, will be built on the platform. Project-related studies are continuing.

The information of the lines that ended in Uzuncayir in the present situation is as follows:

“Sabiha Gökçen Airport- Uzuncayir Metrobus, Tuzla Real Estate Houses – Uzuncayir Metrobus, Sultanbeyli Uzundere – Uzuncayir Metrobus, Sultanbeyli Mimar Sinan – Uzuncayir Metrobus.”

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