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Aydemir, a real estate broker who says that Turkey has reached a good level in the real estate sector in spite of the coup attempt, said that the investors should hold their hands quickly. Construction materials and the reduction of the VAT rate in homes will be reflected in the Turkish economy as a plus, Realty World Elfi Real Estate Broker Özkan Aydemir said that those who want to buy real estate should keep their hands on them quickly.


Real Estate Star Shines

Ozkan Aydemir stated that Turkey is getting stronger in the real estate sector as the economy grows stronger day by day. “It is a pleasure to come to these levels against such a hardship and coup attempt and with the decisions made by the government for 2017, the campaigns of GYODER and Emlak Konut I think that it will have an impact and these campaigns will be reflected in other projects in Turkey, which will trigger the sales of houses.” said.

“Must hold their hands to invest real estate quickly”

Aydemir stated that the construction sector is the locomotive of the Turkish economy, “The more the construction is supported, the bigger the contribution to the economy of the country, the more KDV will be reflected in the prices of the discounted materials last year, which means that the real estate prices will be reduced. It is necessary to keep it handy more quickly.No one should miss this opportunity.And with the incentives, the figures in the residential sales will be going upwards.

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