Istanbul’s Historic Street is Closed to Traffic

One of the most important streets of the Historical Peninsula and the tram line passing over from Aksaray to Beyazit Square extending from Ordu Street, vehicle traffic will be prepared for the project to be closed for pedestrianization.

Among the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB) companies, BIMTAS tendered the projects for the reorganization of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Paşa Streets from Vatan Caddesi, one of the most important arteries of Istanbul, Atatürk Boulevard extending from Unkapanı to Yenikapi and Aksaray. The most important of these projects is that the tramway route as well as the vehicle traffic.


Ordu Street is planned to be pedestrian and touristic walkway in Istanbul City. It was already thought to be a walkway and Tram street. With a 10 minutes of passing Tram and historic wiev of the street It would be a nice landscape and a place to wander around . There are marvellous shops and little local and traditional salesmen around thee street. It would liven up the finance and shopping in the street to closing street to traffic. In terms of local livers they are also happy to see Ordu Street being closed to traffic.

Project Will Be Implemented After Application

The company, which was the founder of Oktan Nalbantoğlu, was a faculty member who worked on project auctions, landscape architecture and urban design. According to the tender specifications, the projects will be completed by 23 June 2017. Upon completion of the project, the municipality will implement it. The company will prepare the projects for 1 million 298 thousand 160 TL.

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