Istanbul Real Estate Sector

The real estate sector is always regarded as the most appropriate investment area. While millions of people around the world make investments on real estate, Istanbul is one of the most attractive regions in recent years. Foreigners’ interest in the Istanbul real estate sector is increasing day by day. Turkey property and Istanbul property options for foreign investors are getting remarkable.

According to CEOs of foreign real estate companies, “Istanbul real estate prices are behind many of the metropolitan areas in Europe. Therefore investors who invest in Istanbul will be able to get high profit.

House Prices in Istanbul

Istanbul is the most populated city of Turkey. For this reason, it is a reference for the real estate sector of the country. Istanbul housing prices index is strongly considered by all investors.

According to the last published price index, the average of residential sales prices has increased to 4491 TL per square meter.

?stanbul 360
?stanbul 360

Istanbul Rental Housing Prices Remained Constant

Despite the increase in residential sales prices, the average price of rental housing remained stable. According to the index, the average price of rented house in Istanbul is 21 TL per square meter.


Housing Prices Rise Highest in Şile

According to the index last year housing prices rose by 26% in Şile, 25% in Üsküdar, 20% in Silivri, 16% in Arnavutköy.


Emerging Trends in Real Estate: Europe 2017- PwC

In the recent days, “Emerging Trends in Real Estate: Europe 2017” was published. At the report Istanbul has been assessed as a high potential market. According to the report the factors that may affect İstanbul positively are the possibility that the government may extend the support given to the industry, existence of a young population and fast growing middle class fuelling internal consumption.


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