Istanbul Municipality Outscored 18 Ministries


In 2017, the budget of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has increased 15 percent compared to last year. The 2017 budget is 18,5 billion TRY, and it increases with the transportation and company endorsements and become 42 billion TRY. 16,5 billion of this budget is reserved for investments.




The Highest Budget After 3 Ministries

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has the highest budget among public institutions after the ministries of finance, education and labor and social security. There are 21 ministries in Turkey and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is seemingly ahead of other 18 ministries in terms of consolidated budget.

While has Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has the budget of 42 billion, Ministry of Finance has 171,691 billion, Ministry of National Education has 85 billion and Ministry of Labor and Social Security has 49,855 billion TRY budget.


The Municipality Outscored 18 Ministries

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality outscored 18 ministries with its high budget. The closest budget to the municipality’s is the budget of Ministry of Defense with 28,702 billion. The following ministries have budgets as follows;

  • Ministry of Family and Social Policies: 24,303 billion
  • Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication: 24,164 billion
  • Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock: 19,537 billion
  • Ministry of Forestry and Water: 14,663 billion
  • Ministry of Justice: 12,304 billion
  • Ministry of Youth and Sports: 11,627 billion


The Municipality Also Outscored Presidency and Grand National Assembly of Turkey

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s budget also outscored general budget institutions of the government. These institutions are Presidency, Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Prime Ministry, Supreme Court, National Intelligence Service and Secretariat of National Security Council.


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