Istanbul Is Now One Of The First 4 Mega Cities Of Europe

A summary of the report titled “Istanbul on the World Stage” published by JLL, was shared with journalists

Speaking at the meeting, JLL Turkey Country President Avi Alkaş stated that the report was prepared to tell the truth of Istanbul. Alkaş emphasized that İstanbul has started to come to important places in the world cities and the city is the hearth of Turkish economy


“The power of Istanbul is 400 billion dollars”

Alkaş also stated that the economic magnitude calculated according to the purchasing price of Istanbul reached 400 billion dollars and according to the city’s Commercial Attraction index, it is among the 20th most important business centers of the world.

He also mentioned about Transportation projects such as  Marmaray, Tunnel of Eurasia, Third Airport, third bridge, high-speed train and subway will bring Istanbul back to the foreground in many places in the future and will be able to bring back the lost Olympic rights.

In addition; Alkaş said that Istanbul was in a very important position in terms of congress tourism and that it was in the 9th place in the world.

“Istanbul will be among the top 10 cities in the world”

Alkaş has pointed out that since Istanbul has been rapidly progressing as an innovation center, patent applications from the city have been continuously increasing since beginning of 21th century and it will continue to grow up and Istanbul will be among the top 10 cities in the world by 2030 in global terms in the retail market and underlined that new brands should come to city.

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