İstanbul Is Not Listed For The First Time

TÜROB’s expansion is Union of Turkish Hoteliers. In short it calls as TÜROB while it has been mentioning about this union.

According to TÜROB reports, altough there were a lot of adversities and annoyances, the hotel investments were in the rise at first quarter of 2017 that are risings are about tourisim sector. And the other important news is in about İstanbul. İstanbul was not listed for the first time in March.


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Although tourism sector was not successful about the accommodations because of the investments adversities, it has been getting rise at the first quarter of 2017. Large scale projects have helped in this rising and tourism and accommodation sectors have passed a positive position.


TÜROB has searched for the trends of investments for the first 3 months of this year and in 2016 in Turkey. Then it has had a result like that: In the first 3 months, there is a decreasing according to 3 months of the last year about accomodations; but also, as an count of investments, there are rising because of some facilities.


İstanbul İs Not Listed For The First Time

In normally, İstanbul is always a popular city for most of the investors. But if we determine the monthly base investments, in this March, 2017, total investment prices are 327 Million Turkish Liras in 15 cities. Thus, 22 new hotel projects have had incentive certificates. And last year in March, Total investments projects was covering 25 new hotel projects with 4 thousands 271 accommodations were applied for and incentive certificates. And the interesting thing was in March base that İstanbul couldn’ t not listed to investments for the first time.


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