Investor’s New Target: Yalova – Orhangazi

Companies focusing on new investments in the real estate sector will accelerate their projects starting from September. Sector representatives will also produce projects in attractive areas outside Istanbul for the movement of the market.The goal of the bosses is to mobilize both the domestic market and foreign investors with different projects.

Increased interest outside of Istanbul

Mehmet Canitatlı'nın BeyTurk Construction Board Chairman Mohammed Ugurcan responding to questions, Barman, after the revision of the economy began to sit in the stones of the economy, said: 'After that, we all fall to the unit, not us. We must constantly be in contact with the bureaucrats of our quarantine, the forerunner of many obstacles in front of the sector, so that foreign capital can enter our country more quickly. "


Barman said that the way to increase the share of foreigners in real estate investments is now focusing on non-Istanbul locations. "As a flagship ship of Istanbul sector investments, investors have reached enough satisfaction with respect to the old days. After Istanbul, which strengthens its ties with Anatolia with mega projects, it is now also in the big cities of Anatolia, especially in the South Marmara. Every investment to be made to Bursa and Yalova will return to their investors as a value, ". Mohammad Ugurcan Barman, who also served as the President of the DEIK Turkish-Bahrain Business Council, noted that foreign investors are in contact to attract foreign investors.

Attention to this triangle

Noting that he will produce more than 7 million homes in the next six years, Barman said, "The fact that some of these houses will be produced in Anatolia is an important opening. We, as BEYTTÜRK Construction, are planning to contribute to this process which the government attaches importance to. Istanbul – Yalova – We will continue to develop housing projects in rapidly developing regions within the Bursa triangle. Particularly in the Orhangazi region located on the Istanbul-Bursa axis, where mega-transportation investments are intensified, we are able to leverage our residential project to develop with the achievable figures. We are about to complete the technical preparations of our project, which we have designed in a different concept on the grounds of İznik Lake for the middle income group, especially the white ones ".

Having noted that they have developed projects that appeal to Yalova-based income group to date, Barman said that they will appeal to the crowd of B income groups, especially white crews, in their new projects located in Orhangazi, 45 minutes away from Sabiha Gokcen Airport in the coming months. Barman voiced that the new project was designed to be used for all four seasons.

Barış also assessed TURKSTAT's housing sales data for June, noting that the uptrend in foreign-based housing sales, which began in the fourth month of the year, is encouraging. In June, foreign sales of housing 926 thousand voicing their continued interest and confidence in Turkey Barman, this year will reach the highest level of sales and recorded a foreign structure will be carried forward by breaking the shell. 'Turkey has taken place as of June 97 thousand 579 home sales in general nobody should undermine the morale of the' Muhammad Barman of the words he continued as follows; 'It would be wrong to evaluate Konuyu on a monthly basis. When we look at the first six months, sales of 654,363 units are a sign of the end of 2016 data at the end of the year. TURKSTAT data shows that we have sold an extra 25 thousand houses compared to the same period last year. It is the performance you need to demonstrate in the remaining months of the year in question. For this, we expect the continuity of the government's incentive policies for the sector, including the VAT issue. In addition, the first six months of foreign residential sales reached the limit of 10 thousand (9 thousand 378 dwellings) is pleasing. However, we now have to develop effective sales promotion policies for citizens of other countries as well as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Russian Federation and UK citizens, and we should consider selling foreigners' homes as an export item. If a chance is given until the end of the sector period, which is driven by government incentives, interest rate reductions, title fees and discounts on stamp tax, the targeted sales figure of 1 million 400 thousand can easily be reached. '

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