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Saudi businessmen who have come to Turkey with housing started to invest. Businessman Ibrahim Al Hussain built a solar energy factory in Düzce. Adil Al Husayni is considering housing and agricultural production on the land he bought for 50 million dollars Turkey’s safe harbor and the Islamophobia trend in the West have translated the route of Saudi investors into Turkey. The Saudi capital, which first came to buy real estate, is now turning to industrial and energy investments. The large conglomerates of Saudi Arabia are establishing factories in Düzce, Eskişehir and Trabzon.


Rimall Invest Chairman Fatih Tataroglu, who advises the Gulf capital, said that a Saudi investor bought 20 million TL shopping mall and 20 million TL house from Istanbul. According to the information received, the Saudi businessman, who did not want the name to be revealed, gave the building to an owner of the building. “The company has a budget of 30 million liras to make new purchases,” Tataroglu said. Adil Al Husayni was the last Saudi Arabian businessman to enter Turkey by taking the land. Husayni, a company named Adil Al Huseyni Holding, bought $ 50 million worth of land. The businessman plans to make housing projects in the coming period on the lanes he bought from Istanbul and Yalova. Another Saudi businessman investing in Turkey was also informed that he was Ibrahim Al Hussain.

Fatih Tataroğlu, Chairman of Rimall Invest, stated that the biggest claimant of Saudies is the waterside houses in the Bosphorus and said, “The negotiations are going on for 4 waterside house.

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