Investment Meetings All Around Turkey

The minister of economy, Nihat Zeybekci said there are promising meetings about new investment applications. He mentioned that the ministry wants to apply the project-based support programs to all across Turkey. When asked about the Akkuyu Project getting included in strategic investments, Zeybekci answered with “It is already said that it is something to be done when the time comes”.

Invitation to Project-Based Incentive

The minister of economy Zeybekci answered another question about the project-based incentives. “There is the method of call and invitation. It is marketing this opportunity like a marketing employee. We also do this when necessary. We have meetings with global companies of the world. We do both calling and inviting. We send invitations on the areas of energy technologies, advance technology and medical technologies. Metallurgy and chemicals. There are also applications”.

Trade With TRY Will Increase

Nihat Zeybeyci said the technical works still continue to spread the range of Turkish Lira (TRY) usages in trade. Zeybekci mentioned using national currencies on trades with Russia and Iran is paying off in a positive way. “The foreign trade is 430 millions dollars in total. We want to have the 10-15 per cent of this trade made with national currencies”. He also talked about Turkey’s trading relations with Iran and said they will increase the number of products at the preferential trade agreement in 2017.

The Currency Is Not As Important As Growth And Employment

The minister of economy Zeybekci mentioned that the currency affects economy, finance market and inflation but it is not a permanent effect. He said “I don’t say that currency is not important as we speak but it is not as important as growth and employment. Not important as export. Not important as current deficit or foreign trade deficit”.


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