Investment Funds

Investment funds have different investment instruments for different investor types. Money Market Fund is consisted on the funds with most 145 days to its due day. Short Term Debt Raising Fund’s 80% is consisted on foreign or domestic, state or private debt raising instruments with 25 to 90 days due.

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Debt Raising Fund is a portfolio and its 80% is consisted on domestic or foreign bounds. Stock Market Funds’ 80% is consisted on stocks. The tax deduction at the source on this fund is 0%. Flexible Funds are not restricted with any rate. The portfolio could be consisted on any kind of fund instrument while Mixed Fund’s 30% should be consisted on private debt raising instruments.

When the funds are evaluated in terms of their type, the most profitable one was the Stock Funds with 0,58% value gain. Investment funds, their daily gain of the funds and gaining and losing funds are shown in the table below.


Fund Category Name Fund Category Index Income (%) Fund Category Fund Category Index Gain Fund Category Index Loss
Investment Funds 0,00 346 257 88
Investment Funds – Debt Raising Instruments Funds -0,02 99 71 28
Investment Funds – Fund Basket Funds -0,15 15 6 9
Investment Funds – Stock Funds 0,58 73 64 9
Investment Funds – Mixed and Flexible Funds -0,02 89 69 19
Investment Funds – Sharing Funds -0,45 29 21 8
Investment Funds – Precious Metal Funds -1,03 15 0 15
Investment Funds – Money Market Funds 0,02 26 26 0

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