Investment Call to Turkish Businessmen

Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci attended to Turkey – Ethiopia Business Forum held in Ethiopia’ s capital city Addis Ababa. Zeybekci established contacts in Ethiopia with a crowded committee. Economy Minister also delivered a speech in the Turkey – Ethiopia Business Forum which Ethiopia Industry Minister Ahmed Abtew and Ethiopia Foreign Affairs Minister Worknehe Gebeyehu also attended.


Turkish Investments in Africa


Zeybekci mentioned the Turkish investments in Africa. He expressed that the point achieved in this voyage is very successful and the amount of commercial between two countries have been increased to 20 billion dollars from 5 billion. He also mentioned that while there were 11 Turkish embassies in Africa, the number increased to 39. Zeybekci also added that Turkish Airlines (THY) has become the number one airline which flies to many locations in Africa. According to Zeybekci’ s words, today someone who wants to travel from West Africa to East Africa stops by Istanbul first via THY flights.


Zeybekci continued his speech with these words: “If over one hundred million citizens in Ethiopia consumes electricity in Turkey standards, that means increasing the consumption 10 times of the present. That much investments and opportunity means that much production and that means welfare for this country. For the business world, I would like to draw attention to this point. This is a country of opportunities.”


Let’s Abolish the Visa


Economy Minister Zeybekci also mentioned that abolishing the visa between two countries is a requirement for increasing the commercial relations. He says they have the instruction of the President of Turkey, and they are ready to abolish the visa for Ethiopia. He also added that with the signed contracts, abolishing visa means welfare for both parties.


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