In The Last Two Years, The Rental Fee Of Istanbul Rent!

In the housing projects in the big cities, the dues were competing with the rents. Analysis of the dues averages on the province and district basis was carried out by the research project “Resident Projects Dues Value” conducted by Reidin. According to this, in Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir provinces, the housing project, which has the highest contribution value in square meters, is located in Istanbul Europe with 18.83 TL. While the highest dues per square meter in Ankara exceeded 16 liras, the highest contribution rate in İzmir was calculated as 4.3 liras per square meter. A house with a maximum monthly subscription fee of 100 square meters has 1800 liras in Istanbul and 1600 liras in Ankara. In Izmir, the maximum amount paid for the same house is 430 pounds. For the lowest dues, Ankara ranks first with 0.20 lira. Istanbul is followed by Ankara with 0.21 liras, Istanbul Anatolian side with 0.27 liras and Istanbul with 0.41 liras.




The results of the research show that there are differences in values between the two sides of Istanbul. If you look at the average contribution rates in square meters of Istanbul’s provinces, Silivri square meter has the lowest value with 1 lira. Şişli, which has the highest contribution value with 18.83 TL, also has the highest dues average with 6.43 TL. Especially in the districts located in the Bosphorus, the dues values are higher than the districts as they are in the fair values. The cities with the highest salary rates after Sisli in Istanbul are Besiktas, Sarıyer, Kagithane and Bakırköy respectively.

Increase in the amount of dues per square meter in İzmir and Ankara, which are increased by branded housing projects. The highest adiat price per square meter in Izmir is 4.35 pounds, the highest in Ankara was determined as 16.13 pounds. The highest dues in Izmir are requested in Karsiyaka, Narlıdere and Bornova regions. In Ankara, Çankaya, Etimesgut and Keçiören regions are the regions where the highest dues are requested. Reidin Turkey Data Research Manager Hilal Erdoğan Şumnu, who evaluates the research result, says that the Şişli, Beşiktaş and Sarıyer districts, which have the highest dues values, are also at A + level in the Reidin SED (Socio Economic Rating) classification at the same time. Accordingly, as in last year, the level of welfare and dues continues to be related to this year. It can be said that the subsidy values vary depending on location, socio-economic level, housing prices. “

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