In The Kabatas Martı Project, The Situation is Complicated

In the project that started last months, architects entered each other.




In the first meeting of the sea and the land, the polemic moved to the judiciary. Construction continues in Kabatas and it is publicly known as “Marti Project” because its wings are designed as open gulls. The goal of the project; To bring the land and the sea together and the people to live in the city, to increase the level of civilization.

Within the scope of the project, the area of ​​90 thousand square meters in which Kabataş Pier is located will be reorganized and a square of 15 thousand square meters will be revealed.
The polemic between the members of the Istanbul City Defense and the Hakan Kıran, who opposed the project, will be transferred to the judiciary. Istanbul City Defense members announced that they had collected 15 thousand signatures for the cancellation of the project.Hakan Kıran said that they was being told a lie. “The main terminal building in the form of Martı, 10 meters in height, is deformed in a digital environment and is shown as 50 meters in length.The glass carriers are totally transparent, not concrete, this is a lie. The Chamber of Architects did not want to learn the project. All kinds of scenarios have been studied in the project. Damages, losses, benefits were investigated. I am a plaintiff because of the fact that they have misrepresented the truth from those gathered under the name of City Advocates. ”


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