In Istabul There Have Been Cheap Unoccupied Homes

Adem Soytekin, executive board chairman of Akproject, claims that segmentation of luxury houses and flats brings about with sharp rivalry because there have been cheap unoccupied homes and flats, which results in offer-demand of luxury houses in Istanbul.

Akproject- Ertok Building and Kaysel have the coordination with each other and Akros Istanbul , which has 125 meters high, is to be the highest building in the area. Its place is in intersection between Beylikduzu, Buyukcekmece and Esenyurt. Besides, Akros Istanbul comprises of 496 houses and 33 commercial units. The worth of this project is 150 millions and it has three blocks. While one these blocks include 35 storeys, the other two of these blocks have 18 storeys. The wideness of the flats changes between 79 square meters and 312 square meters.


Adem Soytekin points out that the sector of construction has been a locomotive of economy these days, which will go on following years because of the speed of urban transformation. Istanbul and other cities do not have areas to construct, and the areas’ prices account for much value. That’s why cheap dwelling houses could not be created and constructed. The sector has a serious unoccupied space in Istanbul, while luxuries houses require excess supply, which results in rivalry. In this atmosphere, it is inevitable to catch a success if the companies take into account consumers’ demands and expectations.

Furthermore, Executive board chairman of Ertok Construction, Erdal Tokmakcı expresses that balconies of each flat in Akros Istanbul is the ideal for everyone who would like to get rid of the darkness of the houses.

Tokmakci adds that city terraces, which belong to 35th floor, along with the balconies create difference. In addition, the problem of air conditioning is to be sorted out in these buildings due to the natural air-conditioning systems.

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