Important Warning For Earthquake Policies!

While the number of compulsory earthquake insurance has been limited to 44 percent in Turkey, the experts warned of the risks of not having insurance.

Finally, earthquakes in Çanakkale and Adıyaman opened one of the most important agendas of Turkey that are indispensable but frequently forgotten. For Turkey, where 96 percent of its lands are located within the earthquake region, the earthquake ranks first in the largest natural disaster order. For example, the number of earthquakes in 2000 was 524, which was the subject of the DASK. Besides serious loss of lives, earthquakes can lead to huge economic losses. Turkey suffered the most painful 1999 Marmara earthquake. According to official figures of that earthquake of 7.5 magnitude, 17 thousand 480 people were killed and 23 thousand 781 people were injured. In addition, 285 thousand 211 houses, 42 thousand 902 businesses were damaged.


In the earthquake that put DASK on the country agenda, today, both in the renewal of the buildings and in the insurances, important roads have been taken, but the end result shows that there is still much to be done. According to DASK data, 17 million 662 thousand houses in Turkey are 7 million 770 thousand people, that is 44 percent are insured. Total premium production is around 904 million pounds. Again, since DASK was founded, it was paid 223,151 million TL for earthquake damage file.

DASK President Murat Kayaci remarked that an important demonstration that made a statement due to the Earthquake Week and showed the way that DASK has taken since the August 17, 1999 earthquake is 15 billion pounds for a single earthquake, said: “Possible DASK In the case of a Istanbul earthquake, there are sufficient sources of possible liabilities, which mainly consist of collected premium income and reinsurance protection. “

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