Important Investments For Healthcare In İstanbul

Minister of Health, Recep Akdağ gave good news to dwellers of İstanbul. Akdağ’ s good news are about the hospitals in İstanbul.


After 4 years, hospitals in İstanbul will be different from that these hospitals

Minister of Health, Recep Akdağ, said that the hospitals would be more different and comfortable than we have in İstanbul from now. If we look at what Akdağ says, the hospitals in İstanbul will be wonderfull about from many perspectives. The hospital rooms will be for one person and it has got private bathrooms in that rooms. These plans will come true after 4 years and according to these plans, this projects has started the second period of change in health.


We have in Turkey and İstanbul that have a lot of good workings

They were done really good hospitals in İstanbul by good investments. After 4 years, the hospital in İstanbul will have only one room to private one person, and that rooms will have a private bathroom for person in the room. Okmeydanı, Göztepe and Kartal sites are renewed and it is building a hospital in Seyrantepe.


And a hospital in Sarıyer and Beylükdüzü are opened the people of İstanbul. According to expectancy, İstanbul will be getting well everyday owing to hospitals in İstanbul. And new living centers will be opened in this seasons for all of İstanbul’ s dwelers. People will benefit in some centers that have included family physicians, physiotherapists, psychologists for free. As an adding, Akdağ said that they have got everthing for the project but only lands are enough for them. But he added that, the municipalities will help them about the land problems.

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