Huge Investments from Aryom Construction in İzmir

There will be new investments by Turkish Construction Company Aryom Construction within 3 years. Chairman of the Construction Company Mustafa Günday said that they will spend around 500 million Turkish Liras in İzmir City.  Aryom Construction Company has risen on 100 million Turkish Liras investment in Gaziemir, one of İzmir’s town. Company’s Chairman Günday added that they will make more investments in towns such as Bodrum, Çeşme, Dalyan and also they plan to make a 5-star hotel and residence in Aktepe which is close to the İzmir Fair Area. Günday continued his words adding that they are going to build new constructions in different regions, they still work on plans. 


The City’s Grow Should be in a Plan

Having stated that there is still too much work in constructing in big cities like İzmir, there is a need of new land for investments, Günday underlined that the city will receive a nice qualified immigration so that after transportation investments  the city keep on growing and one day it will going to be one of the great cities of World. President of the Construction Company, Mustafa Günday, said that they already had finished selling 65 percent of the sales of the Aryom Koru project and half of the second stage is done. 

Be Careful Buying Home

“People ask about the size and the prices when they are about to buy a house but they need to be more careful about that” says, Mustafa Günday,  by pointing that which is also necessary to make more conscious and selective action on this subject and people should mind the quality of the materials that used in the house what kind of social facilities building has and of course management of the house. Günday also mentioned that when selecting a house people should consider if it is close to the schools.

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