How To Make Home Buying And Selling Transactions?

For the first time, for the purpose of a session or investment, it is necessary for some persons to pay attention to the house purchase and sale transactions of the persons who will be homeowners. Knowing the process and providing the necessary documents ensures that the home purchase and sale process is done in a right way.


The process of "deciding the house to be bought" in the home buying and selling process is long. It is useful to examine the size and location of the houses in the options as well as the title document. If the loan is to be used during the procurement process, floor-owned apartments must be preferred.

Generally, the banks do not give loans to flat-roofed or plot-landed apartments. For this reason, it is beneficial to apply for exporters first.

In order to be able to buy and sell houses in the title deed, it is necessary to make an appointment from the title deed office first. The land register can be taken over the internet or from the ALO 181 line.

Buyers and sellers or their representatives must provide the necessary documents before going to the land registry office. Documents required from the seller are listed as follows:
– Title deed or photocopy
– 1 Picture
– ID card (T.C. Identification Number) original and 1 photocopy
– No tax credit (from the municipality) (if the municipality is to issue a tax credit, the receipts of the past due receipts must be submitted to the municipality.)
– If you are going to make land registration transactions as real estate agent,

Documents requested from the buyer:
– 2 Pictures
– ID card (T.C. Identification Number) original and 1 photocopy
– T.C. Identification number
– If you are going to make land registration transactions as real estate agent,

With these documents, the title deed officer completes the transaction. The title deed is paid separately by the buyer and the seller. In addition, the buyer must pay the title deed capital. 

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