How To Make A Stone House? What Are Stone House Benefits?

In this article we will give you some information about stone home construction. We will talk about a lot of people from the stone type to be used during the stone house construction, to the benefit of the stone house, how to make the stone house.

 Everybody has an effort to get back to the old. Old organic vegetables, fruits, classic cars are now darken, but now the appearance of classical houses and therefore the return of fashion has become fashionable. Actually, it's not as if you will not be asked.In today's conditions a great part of people's time is out in the traffic, in the office, and therefore out of business. The only place they can relax is where they put their pajamas, put their slippers on their feet, and spend time with their family.


This area, which is so important in our life, is nothing more than reinforced concrete structures buried in the city, which usually consist of many chemical mixtures, depending on the factors brought by the industrialist. While the windows are made of plastic, the walls have become unable to breathe together with the sealing materials. It is hard to imagine that people have an effort to return to the old world. Whether it is an individual or an apartment house in the dream of everyone, there are stone and wooden buildings. It will also be ecological and environmentally friendly.


In order to make a stone house, you must first consider the climatic conditions in which you are located. Because the most important tool for the stone house is the stone that the house can adapt to where it is built. Later, the house plan is drawn and the stone is determined. After all these operations, the mortar must be mixed for the outer walls and the mortar should be kept for the quality of the mortar. The electricity and water installations to be used in the stone house should be left empty, if necessary, they are covered with stone by using reinforced concrete columns. The stones to be used for window edges and door edges should be chosen more carefully. Depending on your preference, you may choose a loft with a wooden house roof, of course.


Because the stone houses carry a serious burden, the project must be done very well. If the building will be stacked, the account must be made in this area. The architectural project should conform to the stone house concept, where stone, wood, brick, marble can be used well.

Normally, the outer face of reinforced concrete structures need constant modification while in stone houses this time is made every 10 to 20 years. It is healthy because it does not contain any chemicals due to its natural origin. If you think that you are putting concrete plaster and insulation materials on normal buildings using perforated brick or Ytong brick, you can do this only with stone and soil in stone purpose houses. It is also natural that stone houses have the ability to filter polluted air.


Due to the geographical nature of our country and its geological diversity, there are various stone groups. Muğla, Bodrum, Antalya, Denizli, Kütahya in the region of the stone is thin and smooth surfaces consist of hard stones. These stones are usually used as decorative in the exterior walls of the building and on the roads.


It is predominantly granite, Ayvalık, Bergama, Trakya and Aksaray regions, Denizli travertine, Kayseri and Nevşehir tuff and volcanic. We talked about stone selection. A hard stone that is hard to process will be difficult to work with, and you can not use stones that can not withstand light and humidity and do not provide heat insulation. You can choose stones such as granite as decorative in floor coverings. Also Marmara Island, Bilecik, Afyon, Uşak areas such as marble beds are many. 


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