How To Buy House From Toki?

Because of the earthquake that occurred in Turkey in the past too many citizens lost their lives. This is why the need for the construction of houses with good infrastructure and suitable for earthquake regulations was born. Founded in 1984 during the 8th President Turgut Ozal, The Housing Development Administration is trying to meet this need. In this content, we will respond to the question of how to get a house from TOKİ and we will have the curiosity of citizens about how to apply TOKİ.

History of TOKI

8. The Housing Development Administration, which was established by the instructions of President Turgut Özal and the Law on Housing No 2985 entered into force in 1984, was organized in 1990 as two separate administrations, the Housing Development Administration and the Public Sector Administration.

Many Houses Built by TOKI After Earthqukes

With the Marmara earthquake that took place on 17 August 1999, once again the functions, duties and deficiencies in the construction of the housing of the house came to the agenda and investments towards the need for qualified housing began to increase. Until 2002, the Housing Development Administration completed 43,145 housing units in 19 years, financing approximately 950,000 housing units.

Today, the administration achieving a new vision within the scope of “Planned Urbanization and Housing Mobilization” continues to work directly as an affiliate to the Prime Ministry.

Conditions for Buying a House From TOKI

Every citizen has attained the age of 25 in Turkey can apply for housing projects built by TOKI. When asked how to get a house from TOKI, all citizens must fulfill some conditions.

In addition, TOKI gives priority to martyr families, war and duty widows, widows and orphans, at least 40 percent disabled citizens and retired citizens. Applications are generally accepted in 4 categories:

Category 1 – Martyrs’ Aids, War and Duty and Widows and Orphans

Category 2 – At least 40% Disabled Citizens

Category 3 – Retired Citizens

Category 4 – Other buyer candidates

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