How Much Income Do You Get Per Year ?

There is a chartering case among the oldest cases on earth. When there is not enough resources to buy something, renting becomes a more logical and easy method. From this point of view, the lease technique has changed dramatically from the earliest periods of history to the day-to-day. Today, renting of housing, office, automobile, working machines and many other rental instruments have emerged. In recent years, the prominent daily house rental in Istanbul has gained a great impetus. Because the monthly rent of a house can only be earned within a week. Although this is actually illegal, very high profits are obtained. First of all, why does daily house rental stand out? The question can be completely answered by the impact of tourism, because the daily rental technique is an idea born from tourist businesses.


In Istanbul, 65 thousand daily rental house transactions are realized in one year. Total revenues from these transactions are over $ 500 million. This means a very high gain, because in Istanbul, private business places have been opened only for daily rental apartment application. Property owners for long-term rent do not want to deal with young people because of their possible drug problems and prostitution. So the daily rental becomes available for young tenants. In this situation, young people are very popular. With this aspect, it is one of the issues that should be emphasized with the formation of a loss economy and danger for young people.

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