How it feels living in one of the most popular places in Istanbul

When you go living in Istanbul as a tourist then you must choose a place that offers the best living experience and the magnificent Sights like Hagia Sophia, The Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, and Sultanahmet.

When you are residing at one of the amazing Istanbul apartments, Galata then you should relish the beauty of the place by visiting Beyazit, the Grand Bazaar and Süleymaniye Camiiare always worth of your timing. Then you should make your move to the famous sight like the famous tower extends beyond the recent buildings on the Skyline. The tower is worthy enough to make the visit as its beauty is worth capturing in the photos.

We made our visit to the tower on our first trip to Istanbul and we were so fascinated with the experience we gained from the visit that no matter to which part of the city we are staying, we make sure that we visit the tower on our every trip to Istanbul.

Again in the neighborhood of Galata, in the parts of Beyoğlu, there is an area we loved because of its 19th-century architecture and city blocks. There was a historic 5 to 6 storey all ornately embellished, sash-windowed dwellings. Staying in Galata gives you with plenty of options to make your visit at.

Every experience you gain at the visits will be different from each other and as Galata manifests the best fusion of the 19th-century architecture with the recent developments. As we enjoyed thoroughly in our stay, we recommend everyone to make their stay in Galata and experience how it feels dwelling in the 19th-century apartments. Istanbul is among that city that is known for its unparalleled beauty and staying at Galata Istanbul apartments are the best way to spend your vacation.

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