How Did The Price Of Houses Alter After Election?

The elections in Turkey have had some effects on economy and real estates. Up to now, numeral data from have brought with a different point of view on common elections.

REIDIN Turkey has made some investigations on the reflections of house markets before the date of 16th of March in 2017, progress of referendum. Ahmet Kayhan made some assessments on the elections carried out before such as June and November in 2011, June in 2015and April 2017, and he expressed that increase of prices has generally been on decline before the elections, while the prices have been on the increase after the elections have been achieved. As far as the numeral data is concerned, no matter how the referendum results in, indicators such as interest ratios affecting the dwelling houses, expenditures on the constructions and foreign currencies have an immense role on the elections beyond the expectations.


Inevitable To Come Across The Increase After Elections

Between March and June in 2011, the price of REIDIN dwelling houses index was 2.32%, interest ratio of dwelling house credit was 12.20% while the rate of unemployment changed with the rate of -9%, dollars changed with the rate of  1.27% euro changed with the rate of  4.16 ,and the worth of gold changed 8.70%.

After the elections, the assessments between the months June and September, the change of REIDIN dwelling houses index was with rate of 3.05%.interest ratio of dwelling houses credit was with the rate of 13.04%.The change of dollar was the rate of 11.88%, while the the change of gold reached up the rate of 30.21%.Besides, Euro changed with the rate of 7.21%. Investments on Gold, Dollar and Euro were critical during three months; however, they increased after elections. Moreover, interest ratios affected on the prices of REIDIN dwelling houses. That’s to say , the prices could be on the increase  for three months after  elections.

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