Housing Prices Rise in Gaziantep

House prices in Gaziantep, on average found 247 thousand TL. The return period of the houses in the region is determined as 18 years on average.

In Gaziantep housing prices on the basis of square meters, 525 thousand, 247 thousand TL apartment-based. The average return period of the housing investment is 18 years, while the return period in 2 + 1 is 15 years, 20 years in 3 + 1 apartments and 23 years in 4 + 1 apartments.

According to real estate appraisal platform index.com data, urban transformation projects in Gaziantep are interested. The transformation is mainly carried out in Şahinbey.

According to the type of residence, the price of 1 + 1 in Gaziantep with average values ​​is 107 thousand TL, gross area is 66 square meters, unit price is 1.625 TL / m2; 2 +1 apartments 161 thousand TL, gross area 115 m2, 1.400 TL / m2, return period 15 years; 3 + 1 apartments 244 thousand TL, gross area 171 m2, 1.425 TL / m2, return period 20 years; 4 + 1 apartments 532 thousand TL, gross area 252 m2, 2.125 TL / m2, return period 23 years.

When you look at rented houses in Gaziantep, gross area is 149 m2, average unit rent is 7.68 TL / m2 and average rent is 146 TL. According to the type of residence, the average value of 1 + 1 lease is 760 TL, gross area is 62 m2; 2 + 1's 895 TL, gross area 109 m2; 3 +1, 1.073 TL, gross area 170 m2; 4 + 1's are 2,083 TL, gross area is 253 m2; 5 + 1's are 3.229 TL, gross area is 302 m2.

House prices in Gaziantep are 247 thousand TL on average. The return period of the houses in the region is determined as 18 years.


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