Housing Buyer, Ready To Pay 26 Percent Difference For Branded Housing!

Explaining the 'Potential Housing Receiver Under the Magnifying Glass-Istanbul Report' held at the Grand Pera Emek Stadium on 28 February, GYODER shared the report with some leading sector representatives. GYODER vice-president Neşecan Çekici said, "A consumer who does not pay a difference to a branded house 10 years ago, today accepts to pay 26 percent difference, there are many ways to get here."


 Some striking details that stand out in the Istanbul Report are as follows:

1. At the top of the main expectations of the potential buyer are environmentally friendly projects.
2. Real estate is still seen as a 'safe haven'.
3. The earthquake, according to previous years, is not the 'first in mind' element of the buyer.
4. Many jurisdictions in the sector that are accepted as true to date are actually illusions.
5. Potential home buyers average age 35.5, ie married men at 35 constitute the potential audience.
6. The sector actually sells the house to the homeowners. 65 percent of households buying houses are already homeowners. So people with houses are taking their second homes.
7. Sixty-five percent of these buyers have residences in an area independent of the site, ie outside the site. 91.7 per cent own residence in an apartment building.
8. Two to three of the residents of the site are investing in the site again.
9. When considering the type of housing planned to be purchased, 83.6% of the consumers plan to buy apartments, 8.6% to  buy residence, and 7.8% to buy villa / detached house.
10. In the present case, 42% of the consumers who are the residents own the houses with the brands and 58% the houses without the brands.
11. 70 percent of consumers want to buy housing to live. The third one is planning to buy housing because they want to move to higher status, want a safer living space.
12. The first connotations of the 'heat', 'private space', 'privacy', 'being safe', 'resting', 'comfort', 'peace'
13. Therefore, the potential buyer of housing wants to purchase enriched living spaces that offer 'safety', 'comfort', 'freedom', 'neighborhood relations', 'sincerity' and 'green space'.
14. The preferences of the use of rooms in the residence are changing, they are willing to shrink the consumer areas, but they are looking for exciting elements besides the standard in the projects.
15. About one in four of the potential house buyers give the answer 'Bedroom' in question 'Which room do you want your house to be larger'?
16. He wants 22 percent of the population to live in the canyon and 18.8 percent to have a bigger kitchen. Therefore potential buyers want individual comfort areas to expand.
17. The potential buyer does not want to pay for equipment that the public area does not use.
18. Give 100 liras to a base project, the consumer gives 104 liras to a socialization-oriented housing project.
19. In the housing sector, where the effect of brand value averaged around five percent a few years ago, the effect on the brand's project price has now reached 26 percent. You can pay 126 TL to a consumer housing project that gives 100 TL to a general housing project.
20. Project expectation is quite high, whether for sitting or for investment.

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