Houses Worth 606 Million TL Were Sold At The Tent

DAP Building attracts attention with its campaigns over the last few months. The company started with the 50% price advantage in the Validebag Konakları Project in İstanbul Altunizade. Sale office wasn’t ready so DAP Building sold the houses in the tents! The firm opened the second tent depend on the citizens’ demand in Ümraniye. DAP sold the ready-made-projects by the discount of 25% in Ümraniye tent. DAP Building made 700 million TL sales in the first quarter of the year.


Housing Market Revived

The chairman of the DAP Building Board Ziya Yilmaz explained that they made the worth of 606 million TL sales in the tents in first 10 ten days. Yılmaz stated that there are over 60 million sales a day. Yılmaz said:

“The sale of 540 million TL was from Validebag Project. People waited until 2’o’clock at night for the houses whose worth are 2.5- 3 million TL. There has not been such a sale at the luxury housing. When we saw the demand in here, in Ümraniye we opened our second tent for Taksim, Kağıthane, Maltepe-Kartal projects. Now, we are planning to open tents in İzmir and Ankara. “

Right Project; in The Right Area And With Right Price

Ziya Yilmaz also emphasized that they affected the real estate sector positively by the campaigns. He also said: “We said the right time to the customers and we triggered sales. We also said that there always be housing sales if the project is in the right area, right time and right price! “Izmir and Istanbul Beykoz (Alsancak and Beykoz districts) projects are planning for this year.

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