House Prices Increased By 8%

2017 April housing index stated that the housing’s m2 prices are increased 8% in a year in Turkey. The housing for sale m2 price is now 2.742 TL! The rental housing average m2 price decreased 6% and became to the price level of 17 TL. The amortization period is defined as 13 years in Turkey.

The Most Price Increase Belongs to Bursa

Entire Turkey calculations were made through the values in İzmir, İstanbul, Ankara, Bursa and Antalya. The last year the m2 price in İstanbul was 3.850 TL and now m2 price is 4.500 TL. In rental housings the m2 prices is 21 TL by a decreasing of 6%. The housing for sale m2 prices increased 7% for a year period and reached the price level of 1.769 TL in Ankara.


In İzmir, the housing for sale m2 prices increased 11% and now the m2 price is 2.519 TL. The housing for sale prices also increased In Antalya by a 6% price increasing for the last one year. The average m2 price is 1.914 TL for Antalya. We also see a price increase value in Bursa according to the 2017 April housing index. The sale price for the housings in Bursa increased by 16%! This result is defined for the last one year. Now, in April 2017, the average housing m2 price reached to the price of 1.824 TL in Bursa. 2017 April housing index based on the Hurriyet Emlak data.

The Houses’ Value in Aksu Rised in April

Antalya Aksu housings had the most decreasing value last month but in April 2017, there is a 8.2% price increasing.

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