Hotels Are The New Dormitories

When constriction in turism of Turkey, hotels are transforming to necesssities of another growing sector which is called dormitories or student houses and about this situation, İstanbul which has the most university student in Europe as a city and also in Turkey the leading city. In Turkey 3.2 million university students have education about 600 thousand departmants in the universities of İstanbul however there are not enough dormitories or student houses for these university students and therefore these students try to live in the small houses which is situated near their universities. These days we see that like Nef, Bilgili huge groups make an investment about this problem.


Enlarge The Small Rooms

Hafele which is known with kitchen’s design and accessories in real estate market, see this situation like other companies try to work up about solutions. Hafele is preoccupy about enlarge the small rooms develop solutions which give inspiration to students residences. These solutions are mostly like the concept of everything in one room like we see in America, Japan or on the net. Finally this concept which is magnifying the areas of 10 square meters nearly double was put on public display in İstanbul, in Yapı Fair.

Hotels Are Not Hotels

Eda Başar Uytun from Hafele company was talking about their solutions about this problem and after that she said that she talked 7 projects which transformed from hotels to student residences and 2 of them designed near to universities. These days families pay about 1500-1800 TL to residences for their children comforts.


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