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Real estate certifications began to be traded in our Stock Market as a new capital market instrument. In the public offering held on 29-31 March 2017, real estate certificate worth TL 143.2 million was sold. The real estate certificates sold for 42,50 TL received a considerable demand from domestic individual investors.


Borsa Istanbul Chairman Himmet Karadağ said that the certificates were bought by 4,620 domestic individual investors. These investors About 40 percent (1,858 people) said that they have investors who traded on the Bourse by taking the real estate certificate for the first time and not having any shares before, "Having previously received share certificates, the number of investors who have received real estate certificates from investors who have not received share certificates since the last year, constituted 16% (747) of total investors. Park Mavera 3 real estate certificates issued by TOKI began trading on Friday, April 7, at our Stock Exchange. On the first trading day, transaction volume amounted to TL 2.5 million. Thus, real estate certificates ranked 58th in terms of transaction turnover (transaction volume / market value) among securities trading on the first trading day. "


Himmet Karadağ stated that an investor who has received certificates from the public or from the market will have the opportunity to sell the certificates at the stock exchange, convert them to a house, or convert cash by waiting for the maturity date.


Recalling that the return structure of the certificates does not require serious financial literacy like classical financial products, “A product that can be invested without the need for in-depth analysis, such as financial analysis, interpretation of rations, risk, return and valuation calculations. It can be expected that the interest in the product gradually increases when it is thought that all groups from different education and age levels about the real estate sector have ideas and interests. For this reason, it can be said that the certificates have the potential to increase the number of domestic active investors in our capital markets.”

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