Growth In the Real Estate Sector

The momentum that Turkey has gained from the construction and real estate investments to the rapidly developing economy in recent years is noteworthy. The main reason is the growing population and their need of accomodation.

Also, offices and assests are indispensable for the investors because they are permanent incomes and big protectors against inflation. The real estate sector is also expected to receive support from future technologic developments such as the use of drone tools in the construction promotions, virtual touring and inspection of real estate projects in three-dimensional enviroments. These allow investors to focus more on the real estate sector.


This sector, which creates new opportunities in terms of employment, also attracts foreing investors. Especially since 2010, Turkey, which provides growth in real estate and construction sector, is one of the countries where foreign investors are most dominant. The most preferred choice for foreign investors is Istanbul

Especially in metropolitan cities like Istanbul, the ratio between supply and demand is so high that it causes a big flow of money. The prices in real estate and construction effects the government’s current economy directly and that makes it important..

Government-supported projects and an increase in loan are the most important factors that make this sector popular. By 2016, it is seen that housing loans in Turkey are growing by 12%. The increase is expected to continue in 2017 as well. TOKI’s projects together with urban transformation projects show that the public sector and private sector attach importance to real estate investment.

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