Good News To Citizens, Bad News To Real Estate Consultants

Customs and Trade Minister Bülent Tüfenkci made a written statement about the draft of the Regulation on Immovable Trade in the past week.

Tüfenkci stated that the final draft of the regulation will be given in the direction of future opinions, he said that the price of the service in the purchase and sale of real estate will not exceed 3 percent and that renting will not be more than a month's worth.


According to the information provided by Coldwell Banker Turkey Country Chairman Gökhan Taş, who owns a thousand 500 corporate real estate consultants, the seller and the buyer separately pay 3 percent commission on the sale of real estate in the real estate. VAT is added to this.

12 percent of the annual rental fee is demanded. If the draft is legal, the service fees will be seriously reduced. Citizens will pay a more affordable price when buying, selling, or renting a house. The real estate consultants say that especially if the laws are enacted, institutional firms will have to shut down.

Taş explains, with examples, the loss of revenue that real estate agents will have:

"At the moment selling a house for 500 thousand liras real estate agent is paying 17 thousand 700 liras. The buyer pays the same number. Total figure is 35 thousand 400 liras. The real estate company also pays 20 percent of this money to the state as corporation tax. It is more accurate to think of the figure as 15 thousand liras plus VAT because 75 percent of the sales represent the buyer separately and the seller represents the separate real estate agents. In this sense, 500 thousand liras home sold through our means, 9 percent of it is paid to the original brand name. This is a thousand 350 liras. The remaining 13 thousand 650 liras. Half of this office is in the office of the estate consultant. So the real estate consultant actually earns 6 thousand 825 liras from a sale and makes an average of 3 sales per year. So now the average annual gain is 18 thousand 500 liras. According to the draft, when the income we have sampled is best reduced by half, the operating costs of the office, the marketing and promotion costs of the consultant will be cut directly. With these figures, leaving qualified people in the sector, leaving qualified people to come out of the sector. No one can get a profit that will cost even more, real estate offices shut down the master franchise, and qualified consultants stop doing that and the situation goes almost as far as the industry is concerned. "


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