Gong for Women in Stock Market Istanbul

Fatma Betül Sayan Kaya, Minister of Family and Social Policy, participated in the gong performance ceremony held on 8th of March International Women’s Day in Istanbul. She explained that the support given by Borsa Istanbul to various international organizations and world stock exchanges gave a special meaning to 8th March International Women’s Day.


For women, great progress has been experienced, but there is more distance to be taken Kaya, said:

“Women are exposed not only physically, but also psychologically and psychologically, which is even more dangerous and more persistent than others, and we are resolutely continuing our struggle with zero tolerance for violence against women. In order to take a more active role in women’s economy, politics and decision-making, women’s social status in the 15-year period of power and the realization of a truly historic transformation of women’s rights have enabled us to take a strong place in business life with the incentives we have. The rate of participation in the workforce has risen to over 33 per cent, and our 2023 target is to increase women’s employment to 41 per cent. ”

Kaya said, “We provide important support for women’s entrepreneurship with the benefits we provide for business development. We know very well that every step we take in social services and social services eases the burden of women.” she said.

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