Giant Support From The Government To Be Your House!

State support is increasing for citizens who will be hosted for the first time. According to the statement made by PM Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Simsek, the 'housing account' launched in August 2016 has been opened by 11,348 people so far. The government is going to the new regulation and bringing 4 more support. According to the new model, the support will be as follows; government support will increase, the withholding tax rate will decrease, the title fee will be reduced and the low interest loan facility will be offered. The common opinion of the construction bosses who made the evaluation about the subject is that the new regulations brought about will revive the sector and cater to the economy.


Company: Okkalar İnşaat

Speaker: Okkalar Construction Board Member Mahmut Okka

According to Mehmet Simsek, Deputy Prime Minister Responsible for the Economy, the first time for the resident owners will also revitalize the construction industry. In 2018, the construction sector will be the locomotive sector of the economy, so it is a development that will support the sector, especially for the first time. We have already emphasized that in 2018 there should not be an increase in title fees especially in the new year in order not to decrease housing sales. It is a positive development in terms of those who want to be a sector and a host. We are fully convinced that your government will support the sector by giving this kind of work force. With the influence of these positive developments; In 2018, we will continue our new investments without slowing down.

Company: Keles Construction

Speaker: Keles Construction Chairman İlker Keles

The explanation made us very hopeful in terms of the sector. We think that 2018 will be the golden year for the construction sector. The sector will continue to maintain its vitality as the economy, the locomotive of the economy, continues to be supported by the ouster. We will keep our confidence in the construction sector, we will continue to invest all our resources without stopping. The construction sector will gain momentum with interest rate reductions through government incentives, new campaigns that have been passed on, missteps and stamp tax reductions. We, as Keleş Insaat, started our campaigns which we started at the beginning of 2018 and offered new opportunities for those who want to buy a home, with '0 down payment 120 months and 40 months company unlimited payment' campaigns. We will also have new projects to mobilize the sector in the upcoming period.

Company: Hasanoğlu Construction

Speaker: Hasanoğlu Construction Vice Chairman Haluk Hasanoğlu

Without ignoring the fact that the construction sector's contribution to the Turkish economy is continuing to expand, we believe that the regulations that will be made and to be made by the state in 2018 will mobilize the sector. Commenting on the new regulations to be made between the banks and the participants as an important innovation in the new housing account model of Mehmet Şimşek, especially the Deputy Prime Minister Responsible for the Economy, will further motivate the sector. Given the state support for the housing account, there may be greater facilities for our citizens who want to buy a home. We believe that 2018, which started in favor of our sector, will be even better than 2017 thanks to these regulations.

Company: TESA Yapı

Spokesperson: TESA Yapı Deputy Chairman Vekili Asım Sağlam

Minister Shimşek's statement on the new housing account model is an indication that the year 2018 will be positive for the construction sector. Accordingly, the state support in the sector will increase, the withholding tax rate will decrease, the title fee will be reduced, and low interest loan will be offered. These new regulations, which provide opportunities for our citizens who want to be home for the first time, are a very positive development for our industry. The fact that the construction industry is a reliable and profitable investment door also offers many opportunities for investors. Especially we expect to make arrangements that speed up the process of urban transformation. The year 2018 will be a year for us to be ready for the rapid transformation of urban regeneration and depression. The process of urban transformation in Turkey more earthquake-vulnerable structures of the transformation process made possible, in fact detect such is not limited thereto. We, in this sense, are not aiming at destroying and replacing our projects while we are having a bad day. We aim to offer safe and unique living spaces to the inhabitants of the surrounding area by providing complete transformation of the region.

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