Geothermal Resources Exploration in Istanbul Will Be Conducted

Tender for Geothermal Resources and Natural Mineral Water exploration areas within the borders of Istanbul will be held.

The tender shall be conducted under the “Geothermal Resources and Natural Mineral Water Act, No. 5686” and “Regulation Implementing Law No. 5685”.Tender announcement has been published in the Official Gazette numbered 29993 and dated 28 February 2017.

Governorship of Istanbul announced that the subject of the tender is 15 different Geothermal Resources and Natural Mineral Water Exploration License Area within the following districts.


• 506 and 114 hectares of area in Eyüp,

• 1194 and 3519 hectares of area in Adalar,

• 4.930 hectares of area in Küçükçekmece-Bakırköy,

• 2.772 and 4.516 hectares of area in Büyükçekmece,

• 2.321 hectares of area in Esenyurt,

• 1.912 hectares of area in Arnavutköy,

• 2.853 hectares of area in Şile,

• 4.540 hectares of area in Çekmeköy,

• 1.504 hectares of area in Kartal,

• 4.902 hectares of area in Sarıyer,

• 4.778 hectares of area in Beykoz,

• 4.988 hectares of area in Bahçelievler

The tender document sale price is 500 TL and can be obtained from Istanbul Governorship Investment Monitoring and Coordination Department (İstanbul Valiliği Yatırım İzleme ve Koordinasyon Başkanlığı)

The bid dossiers shall be submitted to the same address. The tenderers are requested to submit all the mandatory documents to participate in the tender.

Investors must fulfill the criteria under the tender announcement. The applicants should provide a bid bond in the amount specified in the tables.

It will be an auction procedure tender and the amounts of the estimated values vary from 31.528 TL to 100.273 TL.

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