Foreigners in Turkey Loved

Foreigners are interested to Turkey. Turkey are carrying out their investments. They're coming for a holiday in Turkey. They are also investing in various areas. As a result, the number of foreign investors in many countries is increasing. In previous years, the proportion of European tourists was higher. Many visitors from the Middle East now flock. This is not enough to make a vacation. They all buy new properties. They are activating the real estate market.


Foreigners Become Effective in Istanbul

Foreigners buy a lot of housing in Istanbul. Istanbul is interesting for foreigners. Only housing in Istanbul is not taken. They also buy houses in other places. In some cases they aim to make holiday villagers. The Black Sea region is attracting attention. They want to build houses in these regions. They want to visit the natural beauties of this region. Foreigners are buying many houses in the Black Sea in this sense.

Top Sales Province

Istanbul is the province where the houses are sold most. An increase of 9 percent was made in the last year. These sales were made with strangers. In Istanbul, where the real estate sector is active, the contribution of foreigners can not be underestimated.

Other provinces

Housing sales also increased in Antalya, Bursa and Yalova provinces. Tourism enclaves can be seen as a result of the increase in these provinces. Bursa offers a good holiday experience in winter with Uluda─č. Natural beauties come to the forefront in Yalova. Antalya can be considered as the center of the holiday. As a result, investors are interested in these regions. Foreign investors also showed interest in these regions.

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