Foreigners Are Getting Less Housing

Foreigners Investments in Real Estate sector have decreased for the last 2 years. This result is valid for all kind of the real estate. In 2016, there is a 6.7% decrease was seen compared to the 2015 as the area-based. Also there is a 14.3% decline in the number of transactions. We see some changes in the list sorting of the countries.


For example; Gulf countries decreased their real estate investments in Turkey. We can compare the years 2015-2016 below:

2015-Country Investments

  1. Saudi Arabia – 1.445.589 m2 with 2.200 transaction
  2. England-882.383 m2 with 4.552 transaction
  3. Kuwait-537.854m2 with 2.299 transaction
  4. Germany- 461.217m2 with 1280 transaction
  5. Quatar- 391.726m2 with 279 transaction
  6. Iraq- 287.889m2 with 4.407 transaction
  7. America-242.315m2 with 264 transaction
  8. Russia- 209.301m2 with 2.377 transaction
  9. Azerbaijan-127.172m2 with 864 transaction
  10. United Arab Emirates-113.092m2 with 329 transaction

In 2015, these countries make real estate investments and transactions in our country. Now, look at the list for 2016:

2016- Country Investments

  1. Saudi Arabia- 782.674m2 with 1.827 transaction
  2. Germany- 649.254m2 with 1.474 transaction
  3. England- 557.706m2 with 2.556 transaction
  4. Kuwait- 480.135m2 with 1.749 transaction
  5. Azerbaijan- 280.247m2 with 724 transaction
  6. Iraq- 269.640m2 with 3.726 transaction
  7. Russia- 201.538m2 with 1.449 transaction
  8. Lebanon- 175.602m2 with 191 transaction
  9. North Cyprus Turkish Republic- 172.382m2 with 180 transaction
  10. Afghanistan- 145.127m2 with 1.623 transaction

According to the lists; The Gulf Countries prefer to invest on the smaller square meter. The payment of the Gulf Countries in the foreign investment has fallen from 46% to the 34%.

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