For Housing Credit 120 Months Or 240 Months?

New home campaigns provide people with the payment of 240 months. However, the interest of 240 months is much more than the interest of 120 months. The person, who uses 100000 housing credits, pay extra 93 thousand Turkish liras, but there is a different technique to pay easily. It might be solution to prefer the choice of flexible payments rather than stable payments.

It is notable that people come across some problems while buying a home. Some arrangements have been generated on VAT. This article underlines campaigns that are arranged during 20 years.


A person could prefer to purchase a house with 240 months’ payments. Moreover, %5 of money could be paid down instead of paying down the money of %20. However, it could be paid with shorter time and with less money by purchasing house.

Paying down %5

Firstly, 55 of money is paid down. Legal obligation says that the rest of %15 of money must be paid down until the date of submission. If you wish you could generate the payments on the date of submission. The other part 80% could be arranged by periodical intervals in the banks.

3 Options For The Payment

The first one is payment with 60 months. It is quite suitable because no interest payment is there on this kind of payment. You just pay only your expenses.

The second one is 120 months payment. The rate of interest is 0.45.

The third one is 240 months payment. The rate of interest is 0.72.

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