First Public Offering Of ‘Certificate Of Real Estate’

In the public offering of the real estate certificate for the Park Mavera 3 project, real estate certificates of 3 million 370 thousand and total of 143.2 million TL were sold.

In the announcement of Vakıf Yatırım Menkul Değerler (Public Disclosure Platform) in the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP), information about the public offering of the first real estate certificate of Turkey to be implemented at the Park Mavera three project of Makro construction under the premiership of TOKI was given.


Fixed price of Park Mavera 3 project on March 29-31 sold real estate certificate of 3 million 370 thousand 410 which is 42,50 liras each of 143 million 242 thousand 425 liras .

It was reported that 1 million 775 thousand 842 certificates (52.7 percent) were made with domestic individual investors and 1 million 594 thousand 568 certificates (47.3 percent) with domestic institutional investors.

Certificate of Real Estate issued by CMB; Is a nominal value equal capital market instrument that represents certain area units of independent sections or independent sections of a real estate project which issuers are exported for use in financing real estate projects to be built or being undertaken.

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