Finished Discounted Price and Stopped Home Sales

These days home sales have gone down to the lowest levels. There are various reasons for this. There was a certain tax reduction. This tax reduction is over. House sales stopped at the end of the discount. As a result of the tax reduction, many people bought new homes. The number of houses sold soaring with government support dropped after this discount ended. Approximately 12% stretched.


The state had made a title deed, stamp tax and VAT(value added tax) discount. The number of houses sold after this rebate increased. But in the past days, this support ended. This has stagnated the market. There have been visible changes since October. Thanks to state support, the number of houses bought in the first month, one million one hundred fifty four thousand, fell to one hundred twenty two thousand eight hundred. In numerical terms, there was a 12% decrease in the previous month. It decreased by 5.7% compared to the same month last year. This campaign started on September 8, 2016. The campaign ended on October 30, 2017. VAT of 18% was reduced to 8%.

If a small account was to be made, a total of 10% discounts were made. This shows that the price is 200 000 Turkish Liras house and 20 000 Turkish Liras is discounted. Other tax incentives provided 7 500 TL discount. A total of 200 000 TL for a house sold 27 500 TL discount was made. This had mobilized the market. Since the discount has ended, house sales have gone down to house low prices.

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