Fikirtepe turned into Manhattan in 5 years!

With the urban transformation studies that started five years ago in Fikirtepe, the region became unrecognizable. The inhabitants of the slums live in million-dollar apartments today. Prior to the urban transformation, the city of Fikirtepe, which was called by the incidents of drug and theft, according to the residents will be just like Manhattan in the near future.


A very different new district was born in Fikirtepe, which changed with the shooting of the first kazman in 2012. Today, some of the problems of the districts, which have become the heavens of skyscrapers and residences, are still going on. In Fikritepe, 1 + 1 apartments are sold starting from 500 thousand, 2 + 1 apartments are sold from 750 thousand TL. Residents who complain about their old houses are now happy with it.


İsmail Güçkıran, one of the residents of the neighborhood, told that he almost hit the lottery. "I made a contract in 2012. I got a license in 2014. I had 151 square meters of floor space, and with 4 precedents, 55 percent, contractor understood 45 percent of the share.As a result, I had 337 square meters of salable gross area, 1 + 1, and two 2 + 1 apartment for 4 years, I have been paying rent of 300 thousand liras for 4 years and in this period I had a four storey building I could not sell my rented rent apartment. Now all 1 + 1 apartments are 500 thousand, 2 +1 of my apartments are sold at least from 750 thousand liras, and all in all I have residences worth 2.5 million'

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