‘Family’ Setting For Daily Rental Houses

If more than half of the apartments are occupied by the family, no daily rental will occur in that building. Daily rental apartments come with a 'family' prohibition. Bülent Tüfenkci, who is Minister of Customs and Trade, made statements about the arrangement to be made.



Tüfenkçi said, "You can not rent wherever you want. If more than 50 percent of families live in that building, it will be said that it is not suitable for daily rent. "


In addition, Mr. Tüfenkçi said, "We have already informed our Ministry of the Interior, just like in the hotel, that it was enough to inform the Ministry of Interior about the identity of the person who was rented, as in the hotels, and now we gave orders to our friends at the point of the rent law and real estate market. We want to make sure that the whole of the building is suitable for daily rent. Let's say that the family lives in 5-6 apartments in an apartment of 10 apartments and we do not think the right method of renting 6 rooms separately in 6 rooms. it will be said that it is not suitable for daily rent if you have more than 50 percent of the family sitting, for example, because you have to forbid otherwise, it will not happen. it will be demanding, it is being debated, we have not yet given our final decision. "

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