Evacuation Of Tenant: Evacuation Letter Of Commitment

What is the evacuation letter of commitment? The evacuation letter of commitment is a document signed between the tenant and the renter, specifying that the date on which the tenant is evacuated is evident.


In order for the renter to ask the tenant to evacuate the house, some chats are needed. These conditions are determined according to Law No. 6570 and the Law of Obligations. According to the Law No. 6570, in order to be able to open an eviction case, we can explain the evacuation commitment from the reasons that the host should show:

It is a commitment to evacuate the tenant. If the tenant has committed to evacuate the house on a certain date, with the commitment of eviction, he has to evacuate the house on that date. If not, the lessor may ask the tenant to evacuate the house. Some conditions are also required for the commitment to evacuation.

– The eviction commitment letter can be written in the handwritten letter of the tenant, or it can be prepared through a notary public. Some issues need to be paid attention before signing the eviction notice.


– the obligation to indicate the date on which the house will be evacuated on the evacuation commitment.

– First of all, the evacuation commitment and the start date of the lease must not be the same. A contract can be signed after a suitable period has elapsed over the lease contract.

– Another point to note is that no vacant date commitment letter should be signed. If it is signed, then the date to be added to that date is considered to be valid. This means that the null contract can be issued at a later date arbitrarily arbitrarily specifying the lease tenant to be added later.

– Another thing that interests the lesser side is: If the property is not evacuated on the date specified in the eviction undertaking, it is necessary to start the execution for 1 month. If this time expires, the eviction promise is invalid.


– It must be written in writing to ensure that the eviction undertaking is valid. Another important point in order for the eviction notice to be valid is that the undertaking has not been signed within the first year of the lease. Signed contracts signed during the first year of rent mean that the person signing it, except the free will, is under pressure, which is an indication that the undertaking is invalid.

This point will be used in accordance with the purpose of the eviction promise if it is observed. Otherwise, there may be some disagreement between the tenant and the lessor.

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